Suggest Itinerary
by AET

Day 01:Flight to Chiclayo from Lima. Arrive to Chiclayo. Our representative will be at airport to welcome you and take you in a short transfer to hotel. Balance of the day at leisure. Overnight in Gran Hotel Chiclayo.

Day 02:Túcume - Real Tomb of Sr. de Sipan and Museum. – Lunch at Fiesta Gourmet In the morning we will drive, passing fields of irrigated sugar cane, to visit the royal Moche Tomb of the Lord of Sipán nearly to the 1600 years old. The archeological ruins are composed by 3 pyramids; they all connected each other by bridges and squares The Lord of Sipan considered the most important government of ancient Peru some 1700 years ago. The Tomb of this powerful Lord is the richest in whole America found until now. Preserved and protected miraculously of the looters, until its discovery. Next to this tomb there are also 2 tombs called “Priest” and the “Old Lord of Sipan”. We can take a break in the restaurant “Fiesta Gourmet”. Once already known the tombs we go to the Museum Royal Tombs of the Lord of Sipán. This museum is considered one of the best in whole South America. It was built with an investment of 5$ million dollars. It is formed in a pyramid, inspired by the Mochica Sanctuaries, to thus bring together the past, present and future of the Lambayeque identity. All the exhibits are original pieces and each has been carefully cleaned and restored to the minutest detail. The leading representative of the Mochica culture, after our crossing we drive directly to Trujillo. Overnight in Libertador Trujillo Hotel.

Day 03:Trujillo -- El Brujo – Chan Chan - Sol y Luna - Dragon Very early in the morning we start our trip with the first visit in “El Brujo”. This structure is an ancient ceremonial center where you can see the legacy of 5,000 years of occupation by man, from the nomadic hunter-gatherers, and subsequently by Cupisnique culture, Moche, Lambayeque, Chimu, Inca, colonial times to the present.

Then we drive to Trujillo to have lunch. After our break we will drive to explore the huge adobe Chimu complex of Chan Chan, reputedly the largest urban center in all of pre-Columbian America. Restoration of this site is in progress; crude sheds have been erected to prevent damage to these fragile adobe walls by periodic El Niño rains. Finally our last visit the second Moche site – Huaca del Sol, an adobe pyramid that covered an area comparable to that of the Great Pyramid at Ghiza, Huaca de la Luna and Dragon from this site we go directly to the airport to take the flight to Lima.