Jour 01: Cusco La Vallée Sacrée -chincheros -Maras
Upon you arrive to Cusco, your local guide greets you to drive you along the Sacred Valley. We travel across a higth rolling plain with magnificent views os andean snow peaks to visit "Chincheros" a typical small town wich still preserves its inka design, the we continu to the famous salt ponds of Maras. Overnigth in Urubamba.

Day 2: Pisac- Ollantaytambo In the morning, we drive to visit a colonial town named Pisac in the lower part of the valley, established as consequence of the famous "Indians Reductions" by which the Quechuas were joined in small towns. In the actual town we can visit a most colorful scene-The Awesome Pisac Market, on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday; also we can enjoy a walk over ancient Inca trails, To observe an incredible sequence of terraces, housing areas and a red andesite Temples.. Lunch at Wayra restaurant. We keep on with the visit to the Inca town of Ollantaytambo and hike to the Inca temples, One of the most impressive constructions made at imperial times with the assistance of the Collaguas and other nations of the Titicaca lake region, supporting the attempt of General Ollanta to challenge the power of Pachacutec Inca.....this site has changed a little from the days of the Incas. Massive stones were carried over 16 kmts to the site, the building ramps are still there. Overnight in Urubamba. Lunch at Wayra restaurant included.

Day 03: MachuPicchu This morning you will depart at 7:15 AM from the hotel to the Ollantaytambo train station to board the Vistadome train to Machu Picchu. The rail journey is one of the most spectacular in the world. The rail line follows the Urubamba River through the incredible Canyon of Vilcantota to the Lost City of the Incas. There is a 25 minute drive to visit the Sacred Centre and our expert guide shares with you the most current information and their own personal insights of Machu Picchu. You will explore the site in the afternoon hours because the sunset is one of the most beautiful moments in the Sanctuary and there is almost no one in the site. Overnight in Machupicchu..

Day 04: Machu Picchu to Cuzco

This morning you can take advantage of several optional hikes to the Sun Gate, Huaynapicchu, the Temple of the Moon or the Mountains of Machupicchu. They all vary in length and difficulty, but are many great options to take in the surrounding nature and this magnificent site. Afternoon train back to Poroy train station where your private car will be waiting for you to drive to hotel in Cusco.. Overnight in Cusco.

Day 05: Sacsayhuaman & Cusco city tour..

In the morning we drive to Sacsayhuaman—some consider this an old fortress and others consider it the head of the Puma—a design by the ancient Incas, with Cuzco being the body of the Puma. In fact Sacsayhuaman literally means “decorated head of the Puma.” This was the ruling palace of the Inca that contained a temple where the living god directed his people. The Europeans’ called it a fortress due to the immense stone pieces that were used in its construction. Oral tradition claims that around 70,000 people worked on the palace for 50 years. After back to the city we set out along streets where the Incas and later the Spaniards walked. We will stop at Coricancha, the partially restored Temple of the Sun at the center of the Inca Universe, and try to envision its walls sheathed in gold foil. On the Plaza de Armas we visit the Cathedral, one of the city’s greatest repositories of colonial art. Overnight in Cusco.

Day 06: Central Market - Lima and Homeward Bound We visit the bustling Cuzco Mercado Central a traditional market where we will get a sense of the daily rhythm of Cuzqueño life. From open air stalls, everything from coca leaves, carrots, rubber boots, jeans, padlocks, beef, live chickens and ducks, to cuys, Band-Aids, and a range of familiar and unfamiliar fruits and vegetables are sold —sometimes for cash, sometimes in the traditional manner—barter. (No credit cards!) Early afternoon transfer to airport to take the flight back to Lima to home..

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