Ayahuasca: in Quechua aya = dead; huasca = rope or cord; etymologically means dead rope, thus Ayahuasca in the worldview of the Andean peoples is the way in which the spirit leaves the body without it, is dead. It is a plant that is used to help people remove themselves harmful habits, detoxification and addictions. It can also be an effective therapy in the field of psychiatry and psychology for treating depression, anxiety, personality disorders, schizophrenia and also helps the self. It is regarded in Europe as a drug but thousands of rusting such non addicts come to Peru to experience it physically and psychologically treated.

The Ceremony

It is made by a ceremony that lasts about 7 hours where there should be a previous dietary preparation, and with the help of a shaman who guides them in the process, and sings his songs called "icaros"; Thanks to brew all the senses become hypersensitive, visions only become understandable participants, the challenge is that each person understands the real meaning of the visions and use this learning in their daily lives.

Ayahasca in the World

Ayahuasca has also been declared cultural heritage of Peru and Brazil to offer greater protection to drink, to the rites and culture associated with their use. The use of ayahuasca in countries like Peru, Brazil, Ecuador and the United States is legally protected by the recognition of their traditional and religious uses in the framework itself serving the legal recognition of the rights of indigenous tribal groups and religious institutions.

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