Suggest Itinerary
by AET

Day 01:Arrive to Lima, transfer to the Hotel.

Day 02: To Paracas After and aerly breakfast at the hotel, our guide will meet you, head south on the pan-American highway. We visit Pachacamac, and important pre-inca and inca religious complex dedicated to worship of the sun god. For lunch we have the rare experience of visiting with the Valleumbroso family in San Jose. The musical Valleumbroso family is one of the small comunnity of black peruvians who are descendants of slaves brougth to Peru to work the grand haciendas Mrs. Valleumbroso herself preprares our luch, and afterwards the family entertains us with tradicional music and dncing. You may find yourself dancing, too! Afterwards, we visit archeological sities and museums of the Paracas´s culture.

Day 03:Nazca lines - Ica- Wineries We motor to the nearby agricultural oasis of inca where we board a small plane and then fly over the intriguing Nazca lines. By way of background: In arid environments like this, small stones can oxidize and darken on top, taking on a patina known as desert varnish, when left exposed to intense sun for tens, perhaps hundreds, of thousands and exposing their doesn´t tell us who created these huge, misterious desing discernible only from several hundred feet in the air on why. Back in ica we visit the regional museum to view artifacts from Paracas, Nazca and Ica cultures, learn about pecan, date and olive production, then move on to solve the Nazca lines mystery at a locel winery there are several if we need them! We return to Paracas for the nigth.

Day 04:Ballestas - return to lima The wild life reserve at the island shelters an enormous number of the sea birds, including the Humbold Penguin. Two species of sea lions, killer wales are often spotten in the area or speedboat cruise to the islands leaves aerly morning for a two hours tour. Then we will visit the small Tello Museum to see artifacts from the Paracas culture (BC 1300 - AD 100) and visit the nearby Paracas Necropolis, an adobe - walled burial ground where 400 mummies and well- preserved weavings were found in bottle- shaped chambers 20 feet below the drifting sand.

At noon returnto Lima for the fligth to home.